ESOP Plan Excel Template

This the only (and best) ESOP plan in excel on the internet. It's taken a year to ship to you. If you want to attract AND retain you need a great ESOP structure, only what does that look like and how do the calculations actually work! This model does everything for you! The download includes: - Step by step guide - Sample filled in model so you can see what a finished product might look like - Blank model for you to start filling in

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50Folds Pro Cap Table and Returns Analysis

You need a cap table. Something that will last for years. Get one better than your lawyer has.

This is the most sophisticated cap table on the internet with advanced return calculations.

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The ESOP is an amazing spreadsheet. CUDOS! How do startups manage their ESOP without this? I was so happy when I found the spreadsheet and the presentation. - Matias Campiani, Director of Welwaze

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